Looking for a free download of Qualcomm QPST 2.7? Look no further.

I’ve found Qualcomm QPST 2.7 build 215 available for download here.

QPST is a in-house cellphone manufacurer utility program that is used to edit many of the cell phone features that are not editable in any other way.

It was never meant for public consumption, so you can’t buy it anywhere, but it is in wide use. The reason it isn’t for everyone is that it is VERY powerful. You can destroy your phone at the click of a button and your cellular manufacturer will be under no obligation to fix it. If you don’t have a couple hundred dollars available that will allow you to replace your phone at full retail cost, don’t run this program.

You can do most things you might want, like uploading MP3’s to your phone or downloading pictures, through the somewhat safer program BitPIM. That program is available for download from SourceForge at the site http://www.bitpim.org/.


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