Moral Combat: Video Games in our Culture vs. Anarchy Media’s WP Plugin

The same night I found that moral combat trailer, I found this walk through of BioShock. I’m afraid that it is exactly what the documentary is talking about, yet I know how good SS2 was.

I don’t look forward to going around shooting at women, geneticly degraded into “slicers” or not, but I also know that this game is going to raise the bar as far as game play is concerned. Of course they did that with SS2 and everyone else missed it for the next 5 years. Maybe raising it even higher will get someone’s attention this time.
Here’s an preview of BioShock (link), some resources (link) and here is the video I watched that night:

Download link 

BTW, this post has been sitting in my draft box for a week or two. I’m posting it now in order to test the Anarchy Media Player 1.6 WordPress plugin. This, so far, seems like one of the best plugins I’ve ever seen for WordPress.

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