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I’ve finally had some time to add a few of the links I’ve been planning for my Links roll.

One of the neat things (well I think it’s neat) I wanted to do was add a group of music links.

I’ve found that you can browse the MSN music site and get Top Playlists for your favorite bands. Then you can grab the asx file from your cache and put it on your own website.

It’s all legit since it goes through MSN’s site for the music and displays all appropriate ads in the media player.

I think it’s kinda cool. I admit I kept on going further and further back into my eccentric music tastes to see if I could stump it. I could not find any “Mad at the World”, but I did find some other goodies like Barren Cross. And of course Steve Taylor. These are just some of the things I listen to on a daily basis. I need to throw in The Bobs too, since they are a regular.

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