Techno-sailing through WordPress FAQs

Aaron Brazell is in the middle of a GREAT series on how to enhance WordPress.  He’s been going through several of the questions that have been presented to b5media‘s support forum.  I’ve found his solution for Category Based Themes very interesting because I expect the Google Summer of Code 2007 WordPress Project I am mentoring may build upon this and similar solutions.

 Here’s his guide to this series as it exists today:

Series Guide

  1. WordPress FAQ: How Do I combine Blogs?
  2. WordPress FAQ: What’s up with the Amazon Plugin with WP 2.1.x?
  3. WordPress FAQ: How Do I Use Category Themes?
  4. WordPress FAQ: Where did my Preview Link Go?
  5. WordPress FAQ: How Do I Use Child Pages More Effectively?
  6. WordPress FAQ: How Do I Fix the Blogroll Category Issue in WordPress 2.1

I’m looking forward to seeing what else Aaron presents to us!

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