Today is blog action day. 8 green tips even a geek can follow

Today is blog action day and a good reason to get another post up.
Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Blog action day is all about promoting the idea of being “green”.

The concept of being green has been interestingly twisted over the recent years in the political realm. Weird things have happened as the left and right have divided into camps. Somehow “Green” became a left issue as groups like the Sierra Club, to which I’ve belonged off and on have become known as “radical groups”. I don’t fully understand all of that and where the chips now lie, but I do know that even as a conservative, I have always done my part to help the environment.

Helping keep a clean planet doesn’t mean that you are worshiping the planetary gaia. In fact being a good steward of the planet is a mandate that transcends almost all religions.

Me, I do my part several ways that you possibly could apply to your life:
1. Participate in and help promote responsible outdoor activities
2. Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Wherever I go.
3. Support those who try to make a difference.
4. Drive only the size of vehicle I need. This is one of the reasons I’ve ridden motocycles for far longer a time than I’ve had cars as my main vehicle. Still living on the North East/northern mid west, I’ve needed a vehicle. So have also driven a Suzuki sidekick. A mini SUV with a small footprint. And YES, I have used it off road on a regular basis and can justify having the 4×4 option.
5. Drive only as much as you need to. If you live as close as possible to where you work, you don’t have to drive much. Now I don’t have to drive at all 🙂 and when I do it is on my bike or with the whole family in the minivan.
6. Reduce Reduce Reduce. Keep things turned off. We actually use a clothes line for towels and sheets (yes, they still make them). Don’t use what you don’t need to and buy less stuff with stuff in it be it packaging and cardboard or mono sudium glutimate and corn starch. It will improve your life and health. And reduce your footprint by using stuff longer.
7. Use FreeCycle and Cheap cycle to help those less fortunate than you and keep stuff in circulation till it is really ready to go.
8. Associate with those who can make a difference like you do. One of the great things about b5media is the impact we’ve had on the world. We’ve cooperated on investigations that have put some people behind bars that aren’t safe to be out in society, cooperated to fight breast cancer and today we are coming together to help promote a clean eath.

Here are just some of the blog action day posts that b5media has released:


Have I missed any simple ways that you make your life green? If so please feel free to ad them to the comment field below.


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