Well, I’m feeling better…

Yeeesh, what a Thanksgiving, three glasses of gingerale and two soda crackers for the day…

Some of you may know that we have a moderately sized family with four kids. We live out here in Ohio, with no relatives within hailing distance. Usually when one of us gets sick, there more than enough helping hands. But when all of us get it… oh, it is horrible.

After having my wife moaning about stomach cramps for two hours and then her and daughter empty their stomachs emptying their stomachs twice (my daughter hitting 5 “rooms” on her way to the kitchen sink after ignoring the bucket that had been beside her on the couch) I sent everyone in the house to bed at 8:30.

And so began one of the longest nights of our lives.

I’ll spare you the goriest details, but I was on the underwear and bucket brigade. Literaly for three hours I got one 5 minute break. The three year old slept through but Jaxom fell to it at 9 and Julian at 9:30. Azia’s bedding officially bit the dust at 10. And so it went. Finally after I got the load emergency load of undies started in the washer, I succumbed to it at 11:30, but still was on emptying duty.

A neighbor called and invited us down to her place again for Thanksgiving around 9am. Everyone was asleep. I tried to walk around a bit and checked on everyone. Our neighbor was wonderful and went bought us some 7up, gingerale and saltine crackers. What a blessing! I can honestly say I’ve never been so thankful on Thanksgiving ever in my life.

I think the bigger kids each had a hot dog around 9pm that evening, but that was the limit of our thanksgiving. Saturday I did work on the leaves some (we have a lot and HAVE to work each chance we get before the snow comes.) and fixed the tailpipe on the truck and installed a new horn. But I was WIPED at the end of the day. Sunday, it took all I had in me to complete the Sunday school class (I’m teaching on 1 Corinthians).

Today, Monday, I am actually feeling normal again.

Yeah, that was fun.


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