What is that “Friend Search” thing?

You may not have noticed it, but I’ve started an “Friend Search” page.

I’m thinkin’ that since every now and then I search for my own name to see what is out there about me, others probably do the same. So, maybe, just maybe, some of the people I’ve lost track of over the years might find my site and drop in and say “Hi!”

So, here it is:
Friend Search
The following are people I’d LOVE to get in touch with again, just to say “Hi!”. Posting this is somewhat risky. Please don’t be offended if you are not on this list. It doesn’t mean that you were/are not a dear friend. It probably just means that I have some idea of where you are and what’s been happenning with your life. There are many friends I’ve actually researched and for which I’ve discovered public history. So those are not on this list, but they are still important to me…

It’s also likely people on this list are tied emotionaly to other significant events in my life. For instance, many here are tied to Adventure Camp at Jumonville. So, when I think of adventure camp, I think of them.
Pastor John Logan
Jennifer Marie (Carr) Rabaey
Matthew (Matt) Hildebrand
Elizabeth (Beth) Hildebrand
The Cornerstone Crusaders
Adventure Campers – and Jumonville staff from 86-90 era
Michelle (Camp) Croyle FOUND!!!

This page is VERY much under progress and will be edited and updated over time. Hopefully the search engines will revisit it or I’ll have to come up with another scheme that gets it refreshed… Every now and then I’ll repost this to get the search engines to dig back into that page and resurface it in the search results…

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