Windows Vista Deployment Articles to Read

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This live post is a collection of articles related to mass deploying Windows Vista. Please feel free to add your own as we all prepare for this. I’ll add and drop articles from here as they seem to be more or less important.

My current Windows XP deployment technique involves Symantec Ghost, SysPrep, and several custom built applications. We ship multiple computers and the most recent CD boots to a network using DHCP and a dynamicly generated computer name to ensure that a single CD can be used by the shipping and service departments to deliver a consistent image to our clients on new and repaired PCs, regardless of the model. This techniqe also involves creating a factory backup of the image after it is fully configured in the event an install goes bad and must be restarted (hasn’t happend yet) and allows for rolling backups of the operating system partitions and drive mirror.

The goal is to have a similarly efficient deployment process when we deploy Vista based machines on a set date in the near future.
Articles listed here may not be strictly related to Imaging, but may also include details describing running different types of programs under Vista in hopes that any problems can be foreseen:

Inside Vista’s new image-based install
The simple life
ImageX and WIM Image Format
Deploying Windows Vista
Windows Vista imaging and deployment
Is the Windows Image (WIM) format used by the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) OS Deployment Feature Pack the final version that Windows Vista will use?
WIM image format From Wikipedia
Customizing Windows Vista Deployments
Hackers get Hacked with new Windows Vista or directly here. – hacking article that discusses sysprep and WIM images.
Plan, Build, and Deploy Guide
A Guide To Pain-Free Desktop Deployment

Every Vista PC to get a domain name
Could Vista actually slow down networks?

Release/Version Details
Windows Vista Product Overview for IT Professionals
Vista goes gold: the frenzy begins
Work PCs to miss out on key Vista features
Tough new rules on Vista “OEM”
Windows without windows: Microsoft goes command-line with Server Core
Windows Vista RC1: you have the right to do … nothing, actually
Vista’s account protection: one click and it’s gone

Software/hardware issues
Vista scoots to new boot, but it’s still kinda rooted (A discussion of Vista’s handling of the MBR)
HOW TO: Dual-boot XP and Vista
HOW TO: Run Vista on Linux/XP
Vista still lacks full nVIDIA support
Microsoft deliberately blocking disc burning software in Vista, claims Alcohol
HOW TO: Install Nero 7 on Vista
Nero runs under Vista (at last!)
HOW TO: Coax retro DOS games to play on Vista
Need to eavesdrop on a network? Try Microsoft’s new free tool.
Vista RTM cracked by pirates before release
Microsoft closes piracy loophole: mandatory activation for volume licenced Vista

One for all

Older XP technologies
Let’s build!
Roll with it

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