The Code Cave’s 1 year Blogaversary: Confessions of a Code Monkey


It was one year ago, Feb 28, 2006 to completely precise, that first came on line.  A week later I had a fairly functional website, running WordPress with a theme I was satisfied with and a bunch of great ideas. 

This site was mostly meant for my own convenience as a place where I could put Delphi and PHP code fragments¬† that I knew I could find later.¬† I have used it for that again and again and again.¬† It is a¬†MUCH better resource than Microsoft Outlook’s sent folder.¬† Plus, now that someone named Meagan works at the office,¬†every time I simply type ME in the To: address of an email, I send stuff to her instead of my home account.¬† (Sorry, Meagan, for all of those meaningless code¬†fragments in your email account.)

Anyway,  my wife first suggested the name The Code Cave.  Since I liked caving and coding, it made sense to her.  Since it had multiple meanings, I, of course loved, it.  (A code cave, you know, is empty space in an executiple where all sorts of neat treasures can be hidden.)  So it worked.  

A year later,¬†the site has a google rank of 357,000, which is not to shabby in my book.¬† Especially since I had a couple dry spells of 1 post per month.¬† I’ve¬†just gotten my first Adsense check¬†deposited and that pays for next year of hosting in full.¬† So, the site is self sufficient.¬†¬†¬†I’ve also been told that I’ve helped loads of people (Sweet).¬† And my life is enriched by coming to know loads of new people I’ve met through the¬†site.

Not a bad year…¬†¬† Her sites have done well too.¬† She hosts of course (where I’d been doing php and WordPress for a whole year before TheCodeCave. came around), and Loom Out Loud, and now¬† a new knitting magazine site: Loom Knitter’s Circle.

¬†I plan to do a number of “Posts that never made it” posts, the first one of which was the Delphi source code for turning any 1and1 account into a Dyn DNS server posted yesterday.¬† I had a whole series of web automation posts planned, but I never put them up.¬† I hope to get a number of them up. I’ve found that when I stop using this site a repository, and start using it as a blog, I get less code up here and less posts up here. So, the posts will get up here when they get up here.

So,¬†for an old¬†Borland Turbo Prolog/Turbo C/Turbo Pascal coder, my venture into the web¬†has been a good experience…¬† And I can’t wait to tell you all some of the good stuff that I’ve got going on right now…¬† I’m juggling a few¬†nifty things right now and hopefully I’ll have some good news to share as a result. I’m smilin’ just thinkin’ about it.

code monkey – noun –

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1. A person only capable of grinding out code, but unable to perform the higher-primate tasks of software architecture, analysis, and design. Mildly insulting. Often applied to the most junior people on a programming team. 2. Anyone who writes code for a living; a programmer. 3. A self-deprecating way of denying responsibility for a management decision, or of complaining about having to live with such decisions. As in “Don’t ask me why we need to write a compiler in COBOL, I’m just a code monkey.”¬† ¬† ¬† — The Jargon File


For 2007, I will corrupt my site with a bunch of non-tech related posts and lots of ads. Well, okay… it is not as bad as all that… There’s no massive swing taking place. This is still cold storage for thoughts, ideas and code you or I might need sometime in the future. But I’m going to add a couple more things.

As you can see on the right, I have added an AdSense widget. Back in January of 2006, I added AdSense to my wife’s blog. It worked well and more than paid for the resources she used. However, it did not pay for 100% of my hosting cost. My goal for this year is to add a few more donated sites, to what I host, and to make my hosting of sites 100% self supporting. They are almost there already. It won’t take much to push it over the top. So, some non-intrusive ads will be shown on The Code Cave. A single day that is a New week, New month, and New year is just tooooo convenient stats-wise to miss. (I get a lot of traffic on the posts for my phones. Maybe if I get inspired, I’ll modify the widget to only show on those posts. Those folks are (I think) are more likely to click the ads anyway… We’ll see…)

But what of 2006?

And why were you tagged?
I heard a good quote yesterday “Who you are *today* is a direct result of the decisions you’ve made in the last six months.”

So, I’ve picking up the tagging chain from Michael’s Technozid (I still try to type Technozoid but there’s no second o) and will review the last year… And I’ve spread the joy by tagging 5 blogs I think you all might like. (see the list at the end). I’ve only done this kind of a post once before, but hey… looking at your choices over the last year makes more sense, I think, than making a bunch of resolutions. If you want to make progress, you’ve got to know where you’ve been…

Here you go, who I am today is because of this:
Gained or lost weight?
I’m almost exactly the same as I was this time last year. Last year I was in the middle of a big swing in my weight. I’d already lost 30 pounds to get to where I am at right now (205) and would continue to drop 30 more. I’d stopped the strict dieting and much of the exercise and have been balanced at 205 for the last six months regardless of what I eat or do. So, that’s pretty good but I’ve been ramping up the exercise again since November. I’m putting myself into training for mountain biking more in the summer. I REALLY enjoyed the parks I went to this fall. I plan to do much more of this and might even participate in a race or two… not sure about that… I’ve got someone pushing me towards it though and I’d love spending more time with him. He’s a good honorable man, and everyone should have more good examples in their life.

Longer or shorter hair?
Hmmm…. longer for just another 20 minutes. Then it comes off! I was planning on returning to my longer than shoulder blades length in anticipation for getting back on two wheels (with a motor this time in the spring. I should have enough $$ set aside to get a junker bike that will last me for a year). But I also think that the longer hair is going to interfere with my exercise plans. So, now that the Christmas skits are over at church, I’m going back to short short.
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Well, I’m feeling better…

Yeeesh, what a Thanksgiving, three glasses of gingerale and two soda crackers for the day…

Some of you may know that we have a moderately sized family with four kids. We live out here in Ohio, with no relatives within hailing distance. Usually when one of us gets sick, there more than enough helping hands. But when all of us get it… oh, it is horrible.

After having my wife moaning about stomach cramps for two hours and then her and daughter empty their stomachs emptying their stomachs twice (my daughter hitting 5 “rooms” on her way to the kitchen sink after ignoring the bucket that had been beside her on the couch) I sent everyone in the house to bed at 8:30.

And so began one of the longest nights of our lives.

I’ll spare you the goriest details, but I was on the underwear and bucket brigade. Literaly for three hours I got one 5 minute break. The three year old slept through but Jaxom fell to it at 9 and Julian at 9:30. Azia’s bedding officially bit the dust at 10. And so it went. Finally after I got the load emergency load of undies started in the washer, I succumbed to it at 11:30, but still was on emptying duty.

A neighbor called and invited us down to her place again for Thanksgiving around 9am. Everyone was asleep. I tried to walk around a bit and checked on everyone. Our neighbor was wonderful and went bought us some 7up, gingerale and saltine crackers. What a blessing! I can honestly say I’ve never been so thankful on Thanksgiving ever in my life.

I think the bigger kids each had a hot dog around 9pm that evening, but that was the limit of our thanksgiving. Saturday I did work on the leaves some (we have a lot and HAVE to work each chance we get before the snow comes.) and fixed the tailpipe on the truck and installed a new horn. But I was WIPED at the end of the day. Sunday, it took all I had in me to complete the Sunday school class (I’m teaching on 1 Corinthians).

Today, Monday, I am actually feeling normal again.

Yeah, that was fun.

A quick hello

Just a quick hello! I can see that a bunch of you are still checking in daily and I haven’t posted much this week. So here’s a post to let you know I am still alive. I’ve got a mega-post I’ve been working on. I’ve finally broken down and used the WordPress Page feature and this post is now about 6 pages long. I’ve got about 5 other posts in draft form and I’ve finished another book, but the mega-post takes priority. I hope to have it out tonight. It’s all about WordPress security. And it contains references to various attacks on older versions of WordPress and I want to perform each attack on at least one of the three test blogs I’ve configured so that none comes back and says “THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE!”. So, I’m basically done and just need to do some fact checking.

In the mean time, I just stumbled across this picture and I have to say it creeps me out and I simply don’t get creeped out by stuff. Still I’ve found that there are some fears that go beyond logic… I stayed once at a house where a guy had a pet boa he teased regularly so that it would strike at the glass when people stood near by. It would sit there and inhale loudly inflating itself to three times its original size. He made money by betting people they could not keep their face up near the glass. That is the first time I felt what I’d have to describe as an instinctual fear of any animal. It was EXTREMELY difficult to go up to that cage.

This picture doesn’t scare me but I sure get the heebee-jeebees:

OK, it's not so bad at this size, but what is on its back? Click to enlarge.

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