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Just a quick hello! I can see that a bunch of you are still checking in daily and I haven’t posted much this week. So here’s a post to let you know I am still alive. I’ve got a mega-post I’ve been working on. I’ve finally broken down and used the WordPress Page feature and this post is now about 6 pages long. I’ve got about 5 other posts in draft form and I’ve finished another book, but the mega-post takes priority. I hope to have it out tonight. It’s all about WordPress security. And it contains references to various attacks on older versions of WordPress and I want to perform each attack on at least one of the three test blogs I’ve configured so that none comes back and says “THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE!”. So, I’m basically done and just need to do some fact checking.

In the mean time, I just stumbled across this picture and I have to say it creeps me out and I simply don’t get creeped out by stuff. Still I’ve found that there are some fears that go beyond logic… I stayed once at a house where a guy had a pet boa he teased regularly so that it would strike at the glass when people stood near by. It would sit there and inhale loudly inflating itself to three times its original size. He made money by betting people they could not keep their face up near the glass. That is the first time I felt what I’d have to describe as an instinctual fear of any animal. It was EXTREMELY difficult to go up to that cage.

This picture doesn’t scare me but I sure get the heebee-jeebees:

OK, it's not so bad at this size, but what is on its back? Click to enlarge.

Original source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/57756784@N00/207151357/


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