Lookie lookie I got a package! $400 of software!

(Editor Note: If you are trying to find how to install custom PEAR modules on 1and1.com, you actually want to go to “How to install custom PEAR modules on 1and1.com and other shared servers”. There’s more information there.- B)

Visual Studio 2005 Standard came in the mail yesterday.


Very cool.

And it was all free: http://www.thecodecave.com/?p=55

Even cooler!

Also included was a coupon for 50% a microsoft certification package. And another coupon for $400 VS2005 professional.

Now to see if I can activate ASP.NET on a 1and1 Linux server… It looks like it is possible…
according to this article. You just need Project Monkey’s (Mono’s) mod mono package installed. Heck, it’s worth a try just because I haven’t seen any documentation about running ASP.Net on 1and1’s apache servers…

I’ve had very good luck installing everything else on 1and1 including custom PEAR modules, AWStats, PHPMyAdmin, CVS. 1and1 is a great host for technical people that can actually read instructions a see what is behind them. The ONLY negative thing I have to say about them that they play it a little too safe in their tool upgrades. For instance their MySQL databases haven’t been migrated to MySQL 5 yet. But jeez they have presences in most major countries on this planet. The bigger a company is, the slower it moves to change. That isn’t something to complain about, in the business world, it is often a good thing. I’d rather have a slow update, then have them crash my site.

Anyway, if I get it to work, I’ll post how…


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