Giving coffee to Goldfish…

Goldfish from is getting a large Café Voltaire from my local coffee Arabica Coffee House, or equal funds towards an other beverage that might be more to taste. ;).

The cozy café down the street...
Thanks Goldfish!
Now go check your paypal account! 😉

Goldfish gave me some patient assistance with the RegEx statements required for the EasyWPUpdate script. Without that help, the script would have been weeks away from completion! So, I am going to do my duty and giving thanks, by taking Goldfish out for a drink.

I came across Goldfish and several other helpful characters on the #sed IRC channel on the IRC Freenode network. Now, I’ll admit, that the first thing that comes to mind when I think “IRC” is “IRC?!?!? That SOOOOOOO nineties!”

It was back in the early ninenties that my wife and I spent a lot of time on IRC. We were mostly in the #adoption channel, looking for clues to help find her birth parents (which we did and they are now a very important part of our life). Heck, I used to join the IRC channels back on ARPANet. Anyway I hadn’t touched IRC since then… until three weeks ago.

That’s when Goldfish helped me with the SED stuff. The next night, Goldfish helped bunches more even though I was brain dead from a weary week. There were several other people on the channel who gave me assistence as well. Prec was GREAT and gave me a review of the script and caught some errors with my “Strip CR/LF” routine I’d posted on the website. They suggested that I bounce over to the #bash channel and once there lhunath, jp-_ and the rest of that crew on FreeNode #bash gave great line by line suggestions.

I then had a problem with getting System Shock2 ( a game from the late nineties) working on Windows XP and getting multiplayer going, but then I joined the #SS2 IRC channel and again, there were helpful people there with solutions. So, frankly, I’m once again an IRC fan. All thanks to the Goldfish!

Hey – if you’ve had someone help you lately (not me someone else) consider doing the same… A virtual cup of coffee, a McDonald’s icecream cone, any in expensive little gift can help turn someone’s day around. Give it some thought!

Oh, my gosh…

These people must be absolutely insane! I’ve jump off bridges, rafted advanced white water, free climbed 500ft in the air, gone bumsliding through rivers that have carved gouges into rock so that you just let the river push you where you will. That’s all trusting nature. Nature is dangerous in predictable ways… This is trusting something man made and makes my skin crawl…

Download link 
(DivX is required)

Been really busy lately

I’m still at at work after 15 hours for the third day this week.

So I’ve been scarce lately.

I’m still trying to get time to post something about the 2.1 release and mention the fixes I put into my script…

But I obviously haven’t yet. I typed a reply two or three times to someone in the code cave’s forums (which I haven’t yet announced either) and managed each time to be pulled away onto something and ended up closing the browser…

Plus I had to take my dog in for surgery… Plus the refinance of the house is happening this week….

I’ll catch up one of these days.

RE: the script, I did fix some stuff and put it out in time for the 2.1 release. So, I got the important part done. I just need to write it up…

Hmmm also need to turn in an expense report and pay the garbage bill so they’ll pick up next week… And my nephew’s birthay is Saturday… Oh dagnabbit, it’s 30 minutes till Friday and I haven’t started Sunday school preparations… Hmmm and I’ve got to get the Goldfish some coffee…. At least that I can do tonight…

What is wrong with this bash script?

It should say that is a zip file, but the if statments, which check for TAR in the file name, all return true… If I do this outside of an if statement, say at the shell prompt, it works correctly.

What is wrong with this statement:


echo “ArchiveName: $ArchiveName”

if [ $(echo $ArchiveName | grep “tar$” -i)=$ArchiveName ]
echo Test1: It is a tar file
echo Test1: It is a zip file

if [ $(echo $ArchiveName | grep “tar.gz$” -i)=$ArchiveName ]
echo Test2: It is a tar file
echo Test2: It is a zip file

if [ $(echo $ArchiveName | grep “tar$” -i)=$ArchiveName ] || [ $(echo “$ArchiveName” | grep “tar.gz$” -i)=$ArchiveName ]
echo Test3: It is a tar file
echo Test3: It is a zip file


Is there a better way to do this?

Firefly / Serenity video you’ve probably never seen before: R Tam Session 114

River Tam was a lovely young girl. She was smart and bright and beautiful. Her family loved her. She and her brother had a relationship that should exist between all big brothers and little sisters. Teasing was part of the written contract, but so was stepping up and taking care of anyone that would dare think of harming her.

Then when the men from the academy came and offered River a scholarship. It seemed…right.

The members of the academy tracked River’s progress at the academy. She was a bright student and was transfered into very special classes. Hundreds of special sessions were had between River and her teachers. They were very interested in her progress. Some of the video recordings of those sessions have been leaked to the Internet. I may not have them all in the right order, but here’s what I’ve found so far…

Download link 

WARNING: NOT SUITIBLE FOR FAMILY CONSUMPTION. This film is licensed for public distribution.

You can read about how this video came to be here.

o-o-o! Attention Lost! fans, before I forget…The Turn of the Scew!

If you are really into the American series Lost! on the ABC network, there’s an important event happening. Do you remember when they found the first hatch? Do you remember the orientation video? Of COURSE you do! Well, do you remember where desmond kept the video? It was behind a book called “The Turn of the Screw”. That book was held centered in shot just long enough for the viewer to see the title and read the author’s name: Henry James.

Henry James' The Turn of the Screw

Desmond said even said the title, just in case you don’t catch that the 1 second focused pause on the book cover was important:

JACK [to Locke]: Don’t tell me you believe this. This is crazy. You think that makes sense — pushing a button? You’re going to take his word for it?

LOCKE: His word is all we have, Jack.

DESMOND: You don’t have to take my word for it. Watch the film.

JACK: What?

DESMOND: The bookcase — top shelf, behind Turn of the Screw — projector’s in the pantry.

[Locke and Jack get the film. It says Orientation on the side of the film canister.]


This novel was written in 1898, so it is public domain (at least until the Disney corp changes copyright laws AGAIN to protect their Mickey) and you can read it lots of places. This is important because J J Abrams has said that this single novel contains the complete explaination about what is happening on this island. Basicaly, it explains everything. (Sorry can’t find the source for that quote tonight. If you know it, please leave a comment. I’d like to quote him word for word here.)

I bring this to your attention because THIS SUNDAY at 1pm London time, BBC7 radio (online) is going to air “Turn of the Scew”. I am VERY eager to hear this broadcast. So I thought I would share.

This link will work for you Sunday afternoon:

Until then, clicking on it will give you the story One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest.

But I’m hoping this broadcast will give me some new insight.

And I just HAD to share!